Joseph Cushman Finney Papers MC11


Joseph Cushman Finney Papers MC11


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Someone is waiting to hear from you
A small boy in a large hat stands in profile near a telephone.The text on both sides of the postcard is transcribed below.

This view is beautiful
Two women and one man, all dressed in late 19th or early 20th century fashion, stand at the edge of a pond or lake. Despite standing in the embrace of one of the women, the man appears to be admiring the ankle of the other. The caption text on the…

Rally Day
A boy and girl at right and left hold branches of fall foliage, forming an arch through wch a crowd of children walk. Some of the children also carry boquets of fall leaves. It is unclear what "Rally Day" means. The text on the back of the postcard…

A Joyful Thanksgiving
Holiday postcard mailed November 29, 1911, from Laura from Island Creek to Russell Loring in Kingston.
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