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Holiday postcard mailed November 29, 1911, from Laura from Island Creek to Russell Loring in Kingston.







Russell's American Almanack For the Year of our Redemption, 1781 with dated diary entries by Reverend Zephaniah Willis on blank interleaved sheets. Diary pages for Aprill-December are missing, possibly removed, leaving only the gutter edge showing…

Willis wrote diary entries on sheets inserted, sometimes including the date, but often aligned with original facing page.



Head and shoulders portrait of Helen Maria Holmes (1865-1938) at approximately 20 years old

"A paper prepared for the Jones River Village Club Inc. of Kingston, Mass., part of which were read at a regular meeting of the club on the evening of April 8, 1933." Narrative describing the origin of the names of districts, natural features…
A man in a stove-pipe hat stands partially obscured by shrubbery at the side entrance to the Joshua Delano house, located at 91 Main Street and built circa 1830. The sidewalk leading up to a few steps and a large open stoop are shown in detail, but…
A pile of weathered boards lies on the rocky shore near present-day Wharf Lane. A small house stands in the background. In the late 19th and early 20th century, this was a popular spot for the annual Old Home Day clambake. The inscription on the…
Philander Cobb's store at 83 Main Street is shown.A sign reading "P. Cobb" appears above the front porch, and a number of advertise line the side wall, but cannot be read. Cobb moved the building to this spot from Plymouth in 1845 and ran a grocery…
On Old Home Day in 1908, a sailboat loaded with passengers, its mast stepped and a Kingston Yacht Club flag aloft, approaches Delano's Wharf, which is lined with people. Several boys row dories in the waters between the shore and the wharf, while a…
The vessel Arteola approaches the south side of Delano's Wharf, ferrying at least 20 adults and children to the Old Home Day festivities. More people stand on the wharl, including a band holding their instruments. The caption printed on the front of…
A group of perhaps 10 gaff-rigged sailboats are gathered as if preparing to start a race. Additional sailboats can be seen in the background distance.
A two masted sailboat lies along the south side of Delano's Wharf during the 1899 regatta; a second sailboat lies on the opposite side closer to the shore, where dinghies have been beached. People walk along the wharf and sit at its edges, and a…
A crowd of men and women watch a number of sailboats and rowboats on Kingston Bay from the end of Delano's Wharf. The curved coastline of Rocky Nook is visible in the background.
Ten sailboats race in what appears to be one of the Kingston Yacht Club's annual regattas held in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The heads of several spectators can be seen in the lower left corner
Kingston's Town Hall, located at 23 Green Street and built in 1841, is shown. Green Street, at right, appears unpaved. A man walks in front of the building toward the Training Green. The caption and copyright information are transcribed below.
A crowd, including soldiers in uniform, is gathered on the Town Green for the dedication of the Civil War Soldier's Monument, which appears at the center of the photograph. The First Parish Church, with people looking out the windows, appears…
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